The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.

Customer magazine

Edition no 24, 2017

Hot off the press is the latest edition of our customer magazine, beyond. Once again, a fascinating mix of topics awaits you. Three dancers from Ballet Zürich present watches and jewellery in elegant positions. They have much in common with Beyer, for they, too, unite grace, poetry and technical perfection. Chopard CEO Karl-Friedrich Scheufele provides readers with unusual insights when he receives René Beyer at his castle in France, where he produces organic wines in perfect harmony with nature. In October 2016, Beyer Chronometrie opened its own department for vintage jewellery. Art historian Dörte Herold travels the world seeking out precious items with a very special history. Moreover, the extraordinary Automata Collection Annette Beyer has now moved into its new home. The Grande Dame relates how she acquired her treasures and what she find so fascinating about these automated dolls. You can read all this and much more besides in this issue of beyond. Make sure your name is on our mailing list, so that we can send you our customer magazine on a regular basis. Happy reading!

Unique - News & Services 2016/17

We have picked out the very best from the watch and jewellery fairs for you and are delighted to present our most beautiful discoveries from Baselworld and the SIHH in Geneva in all their glorious detail. Watch fans are likely to be pleased by the fact that most brands are concentrating on consolidating their range. As a result, reworked classics in particular are offering very good value for money. A further trend is the use of more striking colours. When it comes to materials, bronze has become one of the favourite dominating elements alongside stainless steel and red gold.

Unique magazine also gives you an authoritative overview of the  incomparable Beyer service, which we are expanding continually. As a new service, we now offer advice on investments in high-carat gemstones –  something definitely worth considering in these times of negative interest rates. And husbands and wives-to-be can put the finishing touches on their wedding rings themselves here in our studio.

Beyond No 23, 2016

Edition no. 23

Our Magazine aims to surprise and inspire you. Zurich versus Vienna: which city has the highest quality of living? According to Mercer, Vienna has won out over Zurich for many years. But what do Viennese people living in Zurich think? Or natives of Zurich who have ventured across the Danube? Did you know that the largest saffron field in Switzerland is cultivated along the border between the cantons of Zurich and Aargau? Read the moving story of Silvia Bossard, who found a new lease of life thanks to this precious spice.

This year’s watch and jewellery picture series resembles a winter fairy tale. With such fabulous new products from the world of horology and poetic creations from Beyer’s own goldsmith’s department, the theme for the “Bijoux” story came about of its own accord. You can find all this and much more in this issue of beyond. We wish you an enjoyable and fascinating read!

Beyond No 22, 2016

Edition no. 22

Our customer magazine beyond aims to surprise and inspire you. Besides an exciting mix of topics, this issue includes a very special feature: artist Paula Sanz Caballero has created a series of scenes highlighting the world of Beyer’s brands. The Spaniard with the elegant pen strokes is one of the most highly sought-after fashion illustrators in Europe.

Unusual insights are provided by criminal defence lawyer and watch collector, Valentin Landmann. When presenting a case in court, he explains, he does not defend the actions of his clients, but rather their lives. In his highly esteemed closing speeches, he frequently likens the case to the movement of a watch, as he reveals to us in a fascinating interview. You can read this and much more in the latest edition of beyond. Make sure that your name is on our mailing list; we would be delighted to send you our customer magazine on a regular basis. We trust you will enjoy delving into its pages (in German only)!

Beyond No 21, 2015

The latest issue of our client magazine, beyond, has undergone a subtle face-lifting and has now been published in a brand new look. Read all about Beyer’s 200,000 new employees: after their expeditions over the Bahnhofstrasse, the Lindenhof and the old Botanical Garden, our bee colonies bring an extra portion of pollen back home with them. A year ago, Breitling boss Théodore Schneider invited René Beyer on a helicopter flight in the Jura and a meal of fresh trout. René Beyer enjoyed himself so much that in return he promised to treat Thédy Schneider to home-made paella in his garden. Now, his words have been followed up by deeds.

Boris Blank is another well-known person who seldom gives the media an insight into his private life. Nevertheless, he has opened his doors especially for beyond and shown us his wonderful watch collection. You can find this and much more besides in the current beyond. We wish you enjoyable reading (in German only), packed with fascinating discoveries!

Beyond NO 20, 2015

The latest edition of our customer magazine, beyond, is now available (published in German only). This issue is global/local – a development that Li Edelkoort, the grande dame of lifestyle trend forecasting, predicts will manifest itself even more distinctly in future. Carlo Mutschler visited diamond cutters in Tel Aviv and immersed himself in an absolutely fascinating world. Roger Federer bought a hint of glamour to our shop when he paid a visit to Beyer – and not just the ladies were captivated by his charm! But this beyond also has a local side to it: Beyer’s apprentices are featured modelling some of the latest watch and jewellery creations. And René Beyer tells you all about the treasures that Lake Zurich has to offer.

All this and much more can be found in this issue of beyond. Ask for your name to be put on our mailing list; we would be delighted to send you our customer magazine on a regular basis. In the meantime, we trust you will enjoy browsing through our fascinating articles!

Beyond No 19, 2014

The latest edition of our customer magazine, beyond, is now available (published in German only). Find out what Marc A. Hayek and René Beyer talked about while they were playing pétanque. Discover if time really does heal all wounds – we spoke with the Director of the Psychiatric Clinic at Zurich University on the subject. And perhaps you will be just as amazed as us to learn that there are goats in the Töss valley that produce the best quality cashmere wool in the world.

It goes without saying that this issue once again treats readers to a stunning series of pictures of exquisite watches and jewellery from our own goldsmith’s workshop. The Zeit für … column features tips and trends that for once have nothing to do with watches. And there is a host of other fascinating articles to delve into.
Make sure that your name is on our mailing list; we would be delighted to send you our customer magazine on a regular basis.

Beyond No 18, 2014

The latest issue of our customer magazine, beyond, is now available (published in German only) . Once again, we have come up with some out of-the-ordinary stories on the theme of time. We visited the silversmith who created the trophy for the Weltklasse Zürich athletics meeting based on our ideas and specifications. We had a very personal encounter with the CEO of A. Lange & Söhne in Dresden. And we asked a perfumer to elucidate the subtle interplay between fragrances and gemstones.

Our picture series showcases exquisite watches and jewellery in a springtime setting, complemented by flowers and floral accessories. And the brand new “Savoir vivre” column contains trends and tips that for once have nothing to do with watches. Further fascinating articles round off this issue of our magazine.
In addition, we are presenting the highlights of our industry’s two most important trade shows in a separate magazine, news. If you have not already done so, be sure to add your name to our mailing list to ensure that you receive our customer magazine on a regular basis.

Jubilee magazine

To mark our 250-year jubilee, we have published an attractive, informative magazine about our firm. In “The Beyer Saga”, you can discover how our company was first established seven generations ago, and how over the decades it has been through both good and bad times.

Find out more about the world of clocks and watches by reading exciting anecdotes and stories by René Beyer and fascinating interviews with the industry’s leading CEOs. This special edition is rounded off by a selection of other interesting articles. Did you know that the Bahnhofstrasse was originally a fortification trench inhabited by frogs? And why does the austere Vallée de Joux of all places offer a prime breeding ground for luxury watches? Cult author, Max Küng, set about uncovering the secret.