The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.


Beyer is not just a well-known name, but a whole philosophy rooted in a famous tradition. The firm of Beyer was founded in 1760, and since then it has been passed down through the generations from father to son, each one a fully-trained watchmaker. As the first shop in Switzerland to specialise exclusively in clocks, watches and jewellery, Beyer can draw on a wealth of experience and deep-founded expertise when advising clients.

The firm is currently managed by René Beyer, who represents the eighth generation of the Beyer family. Its portfolio comprises 14 premier watch brands, antique clocks and exclusive jewellery. As it has its own watchmaker’s and goldsmith’s workshop, Beyer is also in a position to provide its customers with first-class after-sales service. Furthermore, the basement houses an impressive museum, where visitors can admire some 250 exhibits dating from 1400 BC to the present day.

Sales panoroma

Here you can see a 360° panorama view of our sales department.


Beyer Team

Beyer is managed by René Beyer, who represents the eights generation of the Beyer family. The firm currently employs 65 members of staff and is constantly creating new jobs. Half of all our personnel work in sales, fifteen watchmakers and goldsmiths carry out repair work and create new pieces of jewellery, and eight persons are employed in the administration department. There are three guides in our Clock and Watch Museum, as well as six apprentices – four in sales and two in our watch workshop.

For each and every Beyer employee, the customer is at the centre of all our considerations. During their visit, clients are treated to a selection of beverages, sweets and chocolates, fresh fruit or hors d’oeuvres in a convivial ambience and on request can also be received and looked after in any one of 13 languages.

Watch workshop

Our watch and jewellery workshop is the largest of any Swiss retailer and employs ten watchmakers and five goldsmiths.Work can be followed on two monitors when operating on a micro scale, and a series of high-precision tools and systems ensures that this traditional craft can be pursued under the best possible circumstances. A watch is exposed to all manner of stresses and strains day in, day out, and may therefore need adjusting sooner than expected. It should also be brought in for servicing every five to seven years. Two watchmakers work in the shop, accepting timepieces for repair and attending to matters that can be dealt with on the spot. More complex or time-consuming jobs are passed on to Beyer’s workshop on the first floor, where ten watchmakers and five goldsmiths are employed.

Goldsmith's department

On the floor above the Beyer Chronometrie shop, five goldsmiths channel all their passion and expertise into fashioning valuable pieces of Beyer jewellery. Each piece is perfectly formed, of the highest quality and 100-per cent handmade. Are you dreaming of a specific piece of jewellery? Or perhaps you own a wonderful precious stone? We will sit down with you to design the perfect item of jewellery to match your personality and then make it in our studio. 


The only museum on Zurich's main shopping boulevard tells the story of how time has been measured, from 1400 BC right up to the present day. It affords visitors first-hand insights into the marvellous world of timepieces and the fascinating art of how they are made, as only few other places in the world can. From sturdy navigation instruments used by mariners to the first church tower clock to delicate wax, water and oil clocks, from renowned Renaissance masterpieces to forbidden pocket watches, bizarre curios and world-famous wristwatches, the Museum is home to more than 300 surprising pieces which are permanently on show. It also regularly holds special exhibitions. The collection is continually being expanded and is regarded as one of the most important in the world.




You don't need to be a VIP to enjoy special treatment from us: we are proud of the unbeatable service we offer. Hand us your car keys and leave us to fi nd a parking space for you. Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of champagne accompanied by some fi ne nibbles. We are happy to charge your mobile phone while advising you, or lend you a pair of right-strength reading glasses. We even have a shower and a multi-confessional prayer room at your disposal. It goes without saying that we prepare all the export papers for you and automatically deduct value added tax. We can provide customers from the local area with a security escort on request. And, to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, we are delighted to invite you to our regular customer events!

Sales trainees

We employ sechs sales trainees, all of whom are doing a three-year apprenticeship at the Berufsschule für Detailhandel (vocational college for the retail trade) in Zurich. The trainees attend school on 1½ days a week and also deepen their specialist knowledge during external seminars. 

Beyer takes great pleasure in passing on the company’s know-how to these highly motivated young people. The trainees are responsible for a variety of tasks and are gradually introduced to the highly complex sphere of selling. From their second year onwards, they have already amassed considerable knowledge and are able to handle straightforward sales themselves.

Patek Philippe Boutique

The partnership between Patek Philippe and Beyer Chronometrie dates back to the Geneva-based manufacturer's earliest years. It is the longest-standing relationship forged by either company – and, since the Stern family took over Patek Philippe in 1932, one of the most personal: the two have always been connected by more than just business. And so Beyer Chronometrie – and Zurich – was awarded the honour in July 2011 of opening the first (and to-date only) retailer-managed Patek Philippe Boutique in Switzerland. A four-strong team ensures that nothing is left to chance in creating an atmosphere of sophistication. They look forward to anticipating your every wish.

Service department

The Beyer after-sales service is unparalleled anywhere – and not just on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. There are some retailers where selling a watch is the end of the story. And then there's Beyer: our Service Desk is permanently staffed by two watchmakers because we never stop caring for your watch, even after you buy it. Whether you're looking for an immediate diagnosis or a quick service to check its watertightness and accuracy. As a Beyer customer you can benefi t from our unique express service for a small surcharge: it will then take no more than two weeks to recondition your watch. A period of four to five weeks or longer is usual if the watch has to be sent to the manufacturer. Our ten watchmakers on the floor above are able to carry out almost any kind of repair, quickly and reliably. Which means no lengthy wait for you.


Our company is continually growing, and with it, the number of staff working in the background. Currently, nine people including Mr Beyer are responsible for all the administration. Almost half of them work in marketing – organising client events, creating promotional material, producing our “beyond” customer magazine, placing traditional advertising, and looking after the online marketing activities, including social media and the entire marketing mix.

Can you imagine how big Beyer’s shopping list is? Our buyer has been employed at our company for over 30 years and bears a great deal of responsibility. Further activities in the offices located above the shop include clerical work, assistance and logistics.

Our Services

This is what you can expect from us:

Between us, we can serve you in 13 different languages – your preferred language is sure to be among them. Call us to arrange a personal appointment on Tel. 043 344 63 63.

Culinary delights
Do you fancy a glass of champagne and an amuse-bouche to go with it? Or would you prefer a refreshing iced tea or even an ice cream? Our sales staff would be pleased to cater to your wishes.

Quiet room
Do you need a few minutes to yourself? Our interdenominational prayer room is a place of retreat for use as you desire.

Fascinating facts from the world of watches and jewellery
Would you like to know how a watch works? Or what you need to look out for when purchasing diamonds? Our themed seminars provide all kinds of interesting and useful information about the world of Beyer. You can find the current seminar dates here.

First aid for your watch
Has your watch gone out of sync? Our watchmakers at the Service Desk and in the watch workshop can provide you with an on-the-spot diagnosis, draw up a cost estimate and arrange any other necessary therapy for your ailing timepiece.

Valet service in the city
Are you frustrated that once again it is impossible to find a parking space in central Zurich? We would be pleased to park your car for you so that you can enjoy your visit to Beyer in peace.

Amenities beyond compare
Do you have a meeting in the city and would like to freshen up? You’ve forgotten your glasses and cannot read the small print? Or you suddenly discover that your mobile phone has run out of power? At Beyer, you can find everything you need – a shower, reading glasses in a variety of lens strengths, and a charger for all standard mobile phones.

Watches and jewellery on their travels
Do you intend to export your watch immediately after purchase? Would you prefer for us to deliver your costly jewellery to you at home? We can complete the export papers on your behalf and deduct the Swiss VAT. On request, we would be pleased to deliver your purchases to your home address or provide you with a security escort.

Restore the sparkle to your most prized pieces
Has your jewellery lost something of its sparkle? Give your favourite pieces to our workshop team. With the aid of steam and ultrasound, we will make your jewellery shine again like new and at the same time check the settings – and all at no extra cost to you.


Beyer Chronometrie, located on Zurich's prestigious Bahnhofstrasse, is the oldest clock and watch shop in Switzerland. In the course of 250 years and eight generations, the family firm has cultivated the most beautiful aspects of time. On doing so, it sets great store by fostering its traditional heritage.

For more than two hundred and fifty years, Matthäus Beyer laid the foundations for this impressive family history in the German town of Donaueschingen. In 1822, his grandson, Stephan Beyer, brought the name and the firm to Switzerland, to Feuerthalen in the canton of Zurich. Click your way through the Chronology section and find out all about the history of our tradition-steeped company.

Beyer Saga

In the course of researching our 250th anniversary, we came across some amazing stories. You can find many of these anecdotes in the Beyer Saga.