The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.

Solitaire rings / Engagement rings

Top left: Ref.1407PT, 1 Brill.1,15 ct. Gvs1 CHF 18,750
Top right: Ref. 1390WG, 1 Brill.1,11 ct. Fvvs2, CHF 22,650
Middle: Ref.1407WG, 1 Brill.0,75 ct.Evs1 CHF 9,980
Bottom: Ref. 1355PT, 1 Brill. 1,74 ct. Evs1 CHF 46,980

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