The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.

(Kopie 2)


Beyer Necklace Classics Ruby / Ref. 1351

White gold 750
1 ruby, 2,0 ct. cushion cut, Mozambique, not heated
16 brilliants 0,456 ct. E/F vvs-vsi
3 brilliants 0,074 ct. E/F vvs-vsi
CHF 39,980


Beyer Ladies' ring Ruby / Ref. 1327

Pink- and White gold 750
1 ruby, 5,613 ct. Burma, not heated
SSEF cert. 69070
268 diamonds E/F if-vvs
CHF 268,900


Beyer ruby set Pure

1006 WG: Necklace, 1 ruby 1,621 ct. Burma
White gold 750, as of CHF 7,900

1074 WG: Earrings, 2 rubies 1,58 ct. Burma
White gold 750, as of CHF 7,300

SOL1 WG: Ring, 1 ruby 1,80 ct. Burma
White gold 750, as of CHF 11,980


Beyer Ladies ring Ruby / Ref. 13000

1 ruby 3,097 ct. Burma, SSEF cert. not heated
114 brilliants total 1,08 ct.
White gold 750
CHF 132,300


Beyer Ladies ring Ruby / Ref. 1334 WG

White gold 750
1 ruby 2,06 ct. Mozambique, not heated
46 diamonds 1.933 ct. E/F vvs-vsi
CHF 44,200


Ruby Entourage Ring Classics / Ref. 1178 WG

1 ruby, Thailand 1,637 ct.
30 diamonds 0,773 ct. F/Gvvs-vs
as of CHF 19,900


The blood-red ruby is among the most precious of all gemstones, and very few display a uniform intensity of clarity and redness. Many of the most valuable stones come from Myanmar, which is so famous for its vanishingly rare pigeon’s blood red rubies that its name is synonymous with the very highest standards of quality. Rubies are the perfect choice for wearers who are more than a match for the powerful presence of these fiery-coloured stones.