The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.


Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled its new Heritage Gallery


This year Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled the new gallery devoted to showcasing the Brand’s Heritage at its Vallée de Joux Manufacture in the village of Le Sentier. The space has been considerably enlarged to bring together the Maison’s finest pieces through the ages, its historical archives, and a workshop that restores old timepieces. The Heritage Gallery extends across more than 500 m2 of the oldest buildings in the Manufacture, which used to house the LeCoultre farm in the early 19th century when the destiny of the Maison’s founder, Antoine LeCoultre, had yet to unfold. To afford visitors a real experience of the Brand, the gallery design is totally in harmony with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s aesthetic codes, with pure colours, understated pale furnishings, and light as a central feature.

The journey begins with an exposition of the Maison’s outstanding historical archives, never before shown to the public, that constitute the “memory” of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Registers, documents, and old books have been meticulously categorised and line the shelves of the big archive room. They illustrate the Maison’s creative force since its earliest days. We can see here that as of the 19th century, the Manufacture was supplying its movements to most of the major watchmaking Maisons. A Patek Philippe pocket watch with a LeCoultre movement is even displayed here for the first time to typify this characteristic of Jaeger-LeCoultre, “watchmaker to the watchmakers”.

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