The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.

Patek Philippe Boutique

Opening of Patek Philippe

Store opens

Our Patek Philippe Boutique was officially inaugurated at the end of August 2011. During three evenings, we, together with our customers, celebrated this milestone in our company’s history. Thierry and Philippe Stern, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Patek Philippe, opened their third retailer-managed boutique in the world in Zurich. Naturally, they also joined us in celebrating this grand event.

After a delicious aperitif in the new Boutique, we enjoyed an excellent meal in a relaxed “building site” ambience at Bahnhofstrasse 31, in the future premises of Beyer’s workshop. Our watch and goldsmith’s workshop will be moving to the Bahnhofstrasse next April. At the end of the evening, all the guests were allowed to take the elegant cushions on their chairs home with them.