The Beyer Watch

The design of this watch emulates the giant timepiece that hangs outside the Beyer shop. It has served as a trademark for decades, and can be seen from a long way off on the Bahnhofstrasse.

Goldsmith's department

On the floor above the Beyer Chronometrie shop, five goldsmiths channel all their passion and expertise into fashioning valuable pieces of Beyer jewellery. Whether prêt-à-porter necklaces, sophisticated solitaire rings or high jewellery creations: each piece is perfectly formed, of the highest quality and 100-per cent handmade. And these creations are so highly sought-after that some two-thirds are sold before they ever go on display in the window. Members of royal families are also known to shop at Beyer.

Are you dreaming of a specific piece of jewellery? Or perhaps you own a wonderful precious stone? We will sit down with you to design the perfect item of jewellery to match your personality and then make it in our studio.

Every goldsmith employed at Beyer has their own maker's mark. On pieces of Beyer jewellery, the goldsmiths' personal marks take the form of a tiny sea horse or sea lion, for example. This ability to trace a piece back to its creator in this way is unique within the jewellery trade and illustrates the high value that is placed on craftsmanship at Beyer.

Beyer Jewellery creations

Our goldsmiths are constantly creating fascinating new pieces of jewellery. You can find an overview of our range, complete with picture and description, on this page.


Purchase of old gold

Would you like to turn gold into cash?
Do you have any items of jewellery at home that you no longer want?

We buy gold based on the current daily rate published in the newspaper.
In week 38 the price per kilo is set at CHF 40'600.
This gives the following purchase rate:

  • Gold 750 / 18 ct. is equivalent to CHF 26.50 per gram
  • Gold 585 / 14 ct. is equivalent to CHF 19.80 per gram

Details of the current daily rates are published in the newspaper. Unfortunately we are not able to buy precious stones; any stones contained in the jewellery we purchase will be returned to you.

Come and visit us at our store in the Bahnhofstrasse. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have from Monday until Friday.

Gemological laboratory

Our goldsmith’s workshop in Zurich now houses a gemological laboratory, which allows diamonds and coloured stones to be examined in detail and evaluated. Moreover, our clients have the opportunity to watch the process live. They can see a close-up view of the quality characteristics on the screen and thus get a fascinating insight into the jeweller’s craft. Previously, gemstones had to be sent for analysis to the Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF) in Basel, where the appraisal took several weeks.

The way in which our goldsmiths go about their tasks is reminiscent of painstaking detective work. They measure the surface tension of a diamond, calculate the weight in carats of the mounted stone using a Leveridge gauge, look for inclusions in the stone under the microscope, and test the fluorescence under a UV light. This is even more difficult with a gemstone. By carrying out all these measurements and tests, the type and quality of the gemstone can be determined based on various tables. However, while these devices can ascertain the quality very precisely, the results are not always 100% accurate. Nevertheless, in order to establish the value of a stone, the procedures carried out in the laboratory are perfectly adequate. If a piece of jewellery is being redesigned, this analysis is free of charge; otherwise a fee is charged depending on time and outlay.


The outer layer of a pearl is extremely delicate. Direct contact with perfumes should be avoided. After wearing pearls, they should be gently rubbed with a fine towel. Diamonds and jewels set in gold can be cleaned with water and a mild shampoo using a soft brush. Coloured stones require particular care and should only be cleaned by a specialist.

From time to time, jewellery should be cleaned professionally and the settings checked. Beyer´s goldsmiths are specially trained for this kind of work.