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Beyer Chronometrie is managed by René Beyer, who represents the eigth generation of the Beyer family. Our portfolio comprises 14 premier watch brands, antique clocks and exclusive jewellery. We have our own watchmaker’s and goldsmith’s workshop and in the basement an impressive museum, where visitors can admire some 250 exhibits dating from 1400 BC to the present day.

Beyer Watches & Jewellery

Beyer Watches & Jewellery is situated on the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse, in the very heart of Zurich. With its over 255-year-old history, it is the oldest owner-run watch retailer in Switzerland. We feel honour-bound to uphold this long tradition.

Patek Philippe Boutique

Since 2011, Beyer Chronometrie has run the first and only retailer-managed Patek Philippe Boutique in Switzerland. It is located directly next door to our store. The collaboration between Patek Philippe and Beyer Watches & Jewellery dates back to the founding years of the Geneva-based manufactory. For both firms, it is their longest business relationship.

Watch workshop

Our watch workshop provides clients with an effective and efficient after-sales service. The service desk is staffed by two watchmakers, who can immediately diagnose any problems your watch may have, and also carry out a quick service to check its water-resistance and accuracy. More complex or time-consuming jobs are performed in our workshop on the first floor, where ten watchmakers, including two apprentices, are employed.

Goldsmith’s department

On the floor above the sales area, five goldsmiths fashion exquisite pieces of Beyer jewellery with great passion and skill. Our jewellery is the only Haute Joaillerie that is entirely created on the premises, here on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich – from the initial sketch right through to the finished item.

Sales services

The most precious treasures of all are our clients. We aim to treat you in a manner that goes far beyond the norm. Hand over your car keys and we will park your car for you. Relax and enjoy a glass of champagne and a delicious amuse-bouche. Believe it or not, between them, our highly trained staff can serve you in 13 different languages.

Antique and vintage watches

An inspiration for collectors and watch aficionados. At Beyer, you can not only find the latest watch models, but also magnificent antique timepieces that have been reliably ticking away for over a century, as well as vintage models that have long since proved that their design outlasts time.

Commission watches

Beyer also specialises in the sale of commission watches. The principle is as simple as it is appealing: when you purchase a new watch, you also have the possibility of trading in one or more of your own well-maintained watches.These timepieces are then carefully checked, serviced and polished by our watchmakers or by the relevant manufactory.

Clock & Watch Museum Beyer

The Beyer Clock & Watch Museum, located in the basement at Bahnhofstrasse 31, is one of Zurich's most popular attractions. The collection recounts the complete history of time measurement from 1400 BC through to the present day. It provides visitors with a fascinating insight into the wonderful world of clocks and watches and their manufacture.


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