Sponsoring commitment with Zurich Opera House

Two of Zurich’s tradition-steeped establishments have joined forces; Beyer Chronometrie has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Zurich Opera House. This encompasses a presence as sponsor of the Opera Ball in March, as well as throughout the entire performance season. The Opera Ball is the social event of the year in Zurich. We very much look forward to enjoying this evening at the Opera House together with Beyer guests.

However, our involvement is not just limited to this one event. We shall be inviting customers to various opera and ballet performances, as well as song recitals, throughout the year and thus have the opportunity to spend some memorable hours together. Moreover, you can regularly find all kinds of surprising and fascinating facts about everyday life at the Opera House in our customer magazine, beyond.

Flower clock

The famous flower clock at Bürkliplatz, which Beyer presented to the City of Zurich in 1985, is once again showing itself in its resplendent spring colours. The clock comprises a 70kg heavy, radio-controlled movement with a cast iron case, set in a raised concrete plinth. The face measures five metres in diameter and is a popular photo subject among tourists.

Golden Promoter of Zurich Tourism

Since 1939, we have been actively supporting Zurich Tourism with a generous financial contribution. We are a so-called “Golden Promoter”, and are thus one of the principal promoters of Zurich Tourism and the City of Zurich.

It is very important that the Zurich region is marketed in a sustained and professional manner, both at home and abroad. Only thus can up-and-coming markets be continually developed and existing ones fostered. Thanks to the creation of tourists attractions and services, Zurich is and remains a city that is always well worth a visit.