They may be from the past, but the future belongs to them: we have bought and sold rare vintage jewellery for more than 50 years.

“We owe it to beautiful watches not to let them simply languish, but to find them a new home; someone who will give them a future and who loves them not in spite of their history, but because of it!”

These aren’t newfangled marketing claims. They are the words that were spoken by Theodor Beyer when he established the vintage watch department. Beyer Chronometrie was the first – and for many decades the only – shop in Zurich to buy and sell treasures from a bygone era, all out of pure passion.
And, after 55 years, they still haven’t lost their passion for objects with their own unique histories. In fact, quite the opposite: in 2016, they added a department for vintage jewellery. And it’s a hit: Beyer’s extensive knowledge and careful handling of antique watches and jewellery is appreciated equally by those who want to sell their favourite treasures as well as by those looking for a rare piece of history. 

Boucheron-Puderdose aus den 1920er-Jahren
IWC «Aquatimer Automatic» (Ref. 1822) von 1979
Altschliff-Diamanten und Diamantrosen umgarnen den schillernden Opal 19. Jahrhundert

Pictures: Christian Egger
Styling: Adrian Hablützel


Beyer Chronometrie