HUBLOT novelties 2023

The "Watches & Wonders" Geneva takes place from 27.03-02.04.2023. We give you an overview of the exciting new products from our brand partners.


The spirit of fusion goes full throttle at Hublot! This new Big Bang unites a micro-rotor tourbillon manufactured in-house with an ultra-lightweight, robust carbon fibre and Texalium case and a seamlessly integrated strap. Haute Horlogerie infused with ground-breaking technology.

This limited edition model, with only 50 pieces issued, fuses traditional Fine Watchmaking with Hublot’s cutting-edge spirit. To begin, the watch comprises two genuine complications: the tourbillon and the micro-rotor. To some, the latter is not a true complication, but with its skeleton structure, three days of full power reserve and 100% Hublot in-house manufacture – it becomes undeniable. As for the tourbillon, Hublot has designed it to be skeletonized and suspended, integrated within a bottom plate doted with transparent sapphire bridges


Similar yet unique mechanical sculptures.

At first glance, some will be drawn to the facets created by the signature folds and the iconic angular architecture of the internationally renowned visual artist. Others will be drawn by the mechanics of the Hublot chronograph dial. Lovers of both art and extreme precision are united in this new chapter of the collaboration, devoted to the Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski. With this unique watch comes a 41 mm case that sits perfectly on any wrist. When the magic of fusion reaches a new peak, the watch becomes a true work of art.

Both utterly unique, one is worn with the iconic black rubber strap while the other extends its three-dimensional silhouette along the entire watch, a huge technical feat that combines comfort with aesthetics. In this new collection, the micro-blasted titanium gives the facets a matt finish for an added touch of elegance. With their striking dodecagonal shape – the signature mark of Hublot’s collaboration with Richard Orlinski since 2017 –the bezel transforms into a polygon. These Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski watches have the HUB1153 automatic chronograph movement at their heart.


Hublot writes a new chapter in the MP story—a collection of masterpieces that embody disruptive, creative and technical Haute Horlogerie, aimed at collectors eager to discover the watchmaking of tomorrow.

While some may avoid the number 13 due to superstition, there is certainly no avoiding the MP-13! Defying conventions and undeterred by superstition, Hublot reveals the character of its latest model. The 44 mm MP-13 is encased entirely in brushed titanium and for the first time brings together two complications—the tourbillon and the retrograde display—in one, unique watch. But take note, as these are not just any old complications.
To begin, the tourbillon features two axes—a considerable feat, as Hublot is one of only a few watchmakers capable of manufacturing a double-axis tourbillon entirely in-house, having first done so with the MP-09 in 2017. The tourbillon completes a full rotation every minute on one axis, and every 30 seconds on the other. Having two speeds within the same mechanism creates a view that is both hypnotic and technical.


The new collection launched last year in Geneva is entering a new era, that of the diamond. Eight pieces are now available, in white gold, titanium and King Gold, with four setting levels.

After revealing the powerful contours of the Square Big Bang Unico at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022, Hublot is unveiling eight new exclusive variations. The watchmaker has focused its attention on two models in particular, the first in titanium, the second in King Gold, an 18-carat gold alloy with copper and platinum to give it a redder hue than the 5N gold. Each model is available in four different setting levels for eight different references.

In the first level, the bezel is set with 44 white diamonds totalling 1.9 carats. Afterwards, the second level is a more jewelled version where the case is also paved with 138 white diamonds totalling 3.3 carats.

The third level moves very clearly towards a piece of jewellery. This composition is therefore called ‘Jewellery.’ The setting is richer and technically more complex. The bezel is draped in 50 baguette diamonds. The case, set with 94 diamonds, brings the number of diamonds to 144 with well over 4 carats (4.4 carats precisely).

The fourth level reaches new heights. Here is a piece of ‘high jewellery’ which signals a very clear change of dimension from the previous versions. In all, 285 diamonds adorn the case, with both the bezel and dial entirely set in diamonds, achieving a total of almost 18 carats.


In 2022, Hublot unveiled a new square-shaped design for the Brand, the Square Bang Unico. Following a year marked by this model’s success, Hublot now presents three new editions in sapphire and ceramic, showcasing the Maison’s exceptional mastery of these state-of-the-art materials.

At the 2022 edition of Watches & Wonders, Hublot created a stir by unveiling a new square-shaped watch design inspired by the iconic Big Bang. The Square Bang Unico joins the barrel-shaped models already featured in “The Shaped Collection”. Its distinctive geometry is a real feat of craftsmanship for watchmakers who are traditionally accustomed to working with round cases. True to form, Hublot took this opportunity to demonstrate its technical expertise. The specific features that contributed to the Big Bang Unico’s popularity have been reinterpreted in this new format, including the case’s sandwich-like construction and the use of high-tech materials. All characteristics of the brand icon are clearly visible, including the 6 functional H-shaped screws, one of the Maison’s signature features.

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