They are chic, inexpensive and surprisingly sophisticated: our Beyer ladies’ watches deliver almost more than they promise.

Although frugality may not be an attribute commonly used to describe men, with watches, it’s quite a fitting description. For it is not uncommon for a man to own just his one watch, which may also have cost a penny or two – after all, it is the only piece of jewellery he adorns himself with.

Quite unlike the ladies. Although the trend towards high-quality mechanical wristwatches is unbroken, there is also another side to it, the playful, the
fashion-conscious aspect: women like variety. Much more than men, they see a watch as an accessory that should go with the dress, the time of day or the whatever practical activity they are doing, like gardening – as part of the overall female communication. As a result, jewel cases, jewellery boxes and boudoirs often contain a colourful range of occasionally idiosyncratic timepieces. Maybe even a Beyer watch or two, because they are predestined for this kind of collection.

Especially because they are much more than just “jewellery watches”: conceived and manufactured by our partner company Aerowatch in Saignelégier, Jura, and branded with the Beyer logo, they are born out of a high-quality watchmaking tradition and are also impressive in terms of design, but above all in the configuration of their inner workings. Moreover, they contain a surprise or two, as our three examples show.

If that weren’t the case, Beyer would simply not stock them: with our own brand, we want to offer an affordable alternative to other labels without compromising on quality. For as much as we value frugality as a character trait, for us, a watch is only a watch when every detail is right.

The flowers on the mother-of-pearl dial change their
colours daily, the skeletonised hands resemble delicate
leaves: there’s a gentle magic at work through this
sensual garden of time, framed by the elegantly curved
case with the black onyx on the onion crown.
Beyer: “Floral 1942” (Ref. A44960 RO16),
quartz, PVD rosé case with
mother-of-pearl dial, 35 mm, CHF 640

Rectangular cases tend to raise the question of wearer
comfort; thanks to its curved steel case, the “Intuition” fits
the wrist perfectly. Like an elegant dance floor, the
mother-of-pearl dial with its magical sheen pays homage
to the Art Deco period. Illuminated by 30 brilliants, it
serves as a backdrop for the pas de deux of the blued
feuille hands. The fusion of classic and modern attributes
is underscored by the pink leather strap.
Beyer: “Intuition” (Ref. A31988 AA02 DIA),
quartz, stainless steel case with mother-of-pearl
dial and 30 brilliants, 35x27.5 mm, CHF 1990

The art of seduction lies in hinting at a secret without
immediately revealing everything. This is precisely what
the attractive “Lady Squelette” can do: the emotional
spectacle of the mechanical movement can be enjoyed
– but only if you give it your full attention. The blue star
at the end of the hand and the diamonds at the quarter
hours are discreetly playful details.
Beyer: “Lady Squelette 1942” (Ref. A60900 AA23),
automatic, stainless steel case with mother-of-pearl dial,
40 mm, CHF 1980

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