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Beyer and Maurice de Mauriac. Two family-owned businesses. Two places where watch lovers meet. And two names Zurich wouldn’t be the same without. Daniel Dreifuss managed to not only found his own watch brand but built it on such a solid foundation, he can now safely lean back and hand matters over to his sons. In this Beyer-Talk you’ll find out how he did it and why he does not plan on simply leaning back.

If you frequent the roads of Zurich you’ll have definitely seen the blue and white Landrover of Daniel Dreifuss. Proudly displaying the name of Dreifuss’ watch brand: Maurice de Mauriac. What might sound like another traditional company from the Jura mountains is actually a modern brand founded in 1997. Launching your own watch brand is easier said than done - especially a successful one. In his conversation with René Beyer, Daniel Dreifuss is reminiscing about his time as a producer of private label watches, shedding light on who exactly „Maurice“ is and explaining how far one has to go to make his dream turn into reality.

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