«Watches are not just a product, they’re a cultural object»

Before catching his plane back to London, author Nick Foulkes stopped by Beyer Watches & Jewellery to talk watches, history and - of course - time with René Beyer. When a spontaneous visit turns into one of the most enjoyable Beyer Talks to date…

Whether you’re reading Vanity Fair, the British GQ or FT’s How To Spend it magazine, chances are you’re going to stumble upon Nick Foulkes’ contributions. Having published over 25 books on arts, society and the history of luxury goods, Foulkes has many stories to tell and opinions to express. Together with René Beyer he is discussing the cultural aspects of watchmaking, why certain brands are different from others and how current trends may be inspired by history. Sit back and enjoy their fascinating talk here:

Sit back and enjoy their fascinating discussion here:

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