«We are born with time and die with time. And time is limited.»

Less than a five minute walk from Beyer Watches & Jewellery you will find the famous Confiserie Sprüngli shop and café, welcoming customers since 1859. Back then, Paradeplatz was still called Neumarkt. Now, 162 years later, its first floor serves as a stage for the newest Beyer-Talk with Sprüngli descendants Milan and Tomas Prenosil.

Quality. Taste. Tradition. Most people will think about at least one of those attributes when they hear the name Sprüngli. After all, their treats have been a delight for customers for many decades. The Prenosil brothers do not shy away from innovation and breaking with convention though. The launch of their Grand Cru chocolate caused waves not just externally but even within the company.

Together with René Beyer, Tomas and Milan Prenosil discuss tradition, the worldof chocolate and confectionery and - of course - time.

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