Yana Nesper now at BEYER

The jewellery brand Yana Nesper has been part of our range since the start of the year.

Yana Nesper celebrates the unconventional beauty, the modern interpretation and a completely novel design of pearl jewellery. The brand stands for minimalism, premium quality, luxurious understatement and surprising design.

The natural elegance of the finest real pearls is the designer’s guiding principle and the basis of each collection.

Transformability and innovative and intelligent solutions are at the core of all Yana Nesper designs. The emphasis is not on the brand, but on the personality of each woman.

Portrait of Yana Nesper

Yana Nesper – from the Black Sea to the Black Forest

No two pearls are alike. And each pearl is as individual as the woman who wears it. Jewellery by Yana Nesper is also multifaceted and unique. The aesthete, designer, entrepreneur and mother-of-two has been showcasing pearls in a simple yet striking fashion since 2010. Influenced by her home region on the Black Sea and her classical piano training, which nurtured her devotion to beauty and grace, she crafts visionary creations of luxurious understatement. Her special affinity for technical sophistication ensures that transformability and innovative and intelligent solutions are part of every collection. Yana Nesper celebrates the gentleness, femininity and preciousness of the pearl, which is unique in the world of jewellery – the only jewel that is produced by a living being and one that resonates particularly with her love of nature. Born in Moscow and raised in Nikolayev, Ukraine, today Yana Nesper lives with her husband Frank Nesper and their sons in Pforzheim, the ‘City of Gold’ in the beautiful Black Forest.

Yana Nesper Perlen

Yana Nesper at Emily in Paris:

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