Juwelen Vintage

Ear clips and brooch

Ear clips: 10054365 Brooch: 10054270

From CHF 56,700

Artist: Graff
London, end of twentiethcentury
White gold
CHF 56,700
Each set with a heart-cut sapphire, totalling approximately 2.60 ct, surrounded by baguette-cut sapphires and diamonds (diamonds totalling approx. 8.00 ct)

Artist: Chaumet
Paris, 1930s
CHF 142,500
Set with round sapphires, totalling approximately 45 ct, and baguette-cut diamonds, totalling approximately 16.00 ct. The brooch is a double-clip brooch; therefore it can be split lengthways and worn as two separate brooches. The bottom parts are set with sapphires and can also be removed to make two diamond brooches.

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