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Set: Tulip Rings

CHF 3'780
Ref.1400 WG / 1400 YG / 1400 RG
Further information

1 aquamarine, 3.33 ct, buff-top cut, CHF 4,900

Ref. 1400 YG, Tulip, yellow gold 750
1 green tourmaline, 3.69 ct, buff-top cut, CHF 4,120

Ref. 1400 RG, Tulip, rose gold 750/5N
1 rhodolite, 5.14 ct, buff-top cut, CHF 3,780

The Beyer goldsmith’s atelier is launching a new accessory jewellery line named “Tulip”. In a display of the finest craftsmanship, our team of goldsmiths have created an elegant ring band featuring a tulip head and four leaves. Ten colour gemstones with a fresh buff-top cut symbolise the various tulip colours. The rings are available in five different gold tones and can be worn either individually or in pairs, allowing you to compose your very own bouquet of tulips.


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