Pendulette dome clock ‒ a one-of-a-kind piece


Very little dome table clocks are made by Patek Philippe every year, each one an exquisite work of art. Beyer recently took delivery of a very special, personalised one. Thirty-five Beyer members of staff took part in an in-house competition and submitted their ideas for a special design. The winner was the long-standing Beyer employee, Thuan Schär, with her interpretation of the four elements, earth, water, air and fire.

Characteristic of the elaborate cloisonné technique, which is performed solely by hand, are the almost entirely curved lines. An enameller bends very thin gold wire into shape to form a pattern. She then adheres these wires to the base object with vegetable glue, which fuse with the enamel during the firing process. Layer by layer, the cloisons – or partitions – that are created in this way are filled with the desired colour. The dome table clocks by Patek Philippe are regarded as very special collector’s items. Thuan Schär’s pendulette, too, will not be on show in the Boutique for very much longer – for it was sold before it was even finished.