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At Beyer Chronometrie in Zurich, we are proud to be part of the worldwide network of official Rolex retailers. Rolex has authorised us to sell and maintain its watches. We certify the authenticity of your new Rolex and back its five-year international guarantee with the necessary skills, technical know-how and special equipment. Browse the Rolex collection on this page, or simply contact us to book an appointment with our specialised staff, who can help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.

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Rolex watches are made of the highest-quality materials and with a great love of detail. Rolex designs, develops and produces each component to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

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Beyer Chronometrie of Zurich is proud to be part of the worldwide network of official Rolex retailers, allowed to sell and maintain Rolex watches. The team at Beyer Chronometrie looks forward to your visit. We will help you look through the large range of Rolex models to find the right one for you. Our shop in Zurich is a recognised official Rolex retailer, and we only sell guaranteed authentic Rolex watches.

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