Beyer and Rolex.

Beyer has sold the Rolex brand since 1932. For a long time, we were the only Rolex retailer in and around Zurich. The Beyers were closely associated with Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. They maintained close and personal ties with his successor, André Heiniger. When Rolex first started out, Theodor Beyer helped the young watch brand – which was not widely known in Switzerland at the time – to gain a foothold with specialists and private customers in German-speaking Switzerland. In 1933, Theodor Beyer developed a vacuum device that could be used to test the water-resistance of Rolex wristwatches in order to further improve their performance. Hans Wilsdorf registered his own patent for a device of this type in 1934. The collaboration between the two companies never stopped, not even during the war years.


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