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Beyer Rings: Tulip

Ref. 1400 WG, Tulip, WG 750
1 Aquamarine 3,33 ct. bufftop cut, CHF 4,900

Ref. 1400GG, Tulip, GG 750
1 Turmaline green 3,69 ct. bufftop-cut, CHF 4,120

Ref. 1400 RG, Tulip, RG 5N 750
1 Rhodolithe 5,14 ct. bufftop-cut, CHF 3,780

Beyer Jewellery

Even without windmills, exquisite “tulips” are sprouting at Bahnhofstrasse 31. Discover our latest accessory – the new TULIP jewellery line. In a display of the finest craftsmanship, our team of goldsmiths have created an elegant ring band featuring a tulip head and four leaves. Ten coloured gemstones with a fresh buff top cut symbolise the various tulip colours. The rings are available in five different gold tones and can be worn either singularly or in pairs – allowing you to compose your very own bouquet of tulips.

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