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The Scheffel brand was founded by Ingrid Scheffel, who later brought her son Axel Scheffel on board. Beyer has long found the creativity and quality of the brand persuasive, with Scheffel being part of the Beyer jewellery range since the launch of the range in 1990.

Scheffel Bracelet schwarz


Exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and contemporary design: these have always been the principles underlying Scheffel jewellery. Since Ingrid Scheffel started her company in the international jewellery industry in 1976, Scheffel has been pursuing clear goals. Instead of being a mass-market product in the luxury sector, it is about individuality and recognition value. It is new ideas, instinct for current trends and perfect execution that characterise Scheffel’s jewellery.

Scheffel’s customers appreciate craftsmanship and materials of exceptional quality and enjoy the excellent design and optimal functionality. Axel Scheffel manages the family business in the second generation.

Just Gold

With Just Gold, Scheffel has created jewellery that is sporty enough to be worn every day. As a fashion statement, the jewellery underscores the personality of its wearer again and again. Whether the wearer has on an evening dress or jeans, these pieces of jewellery are an uncomplicated matter of course that simply go with everything.

Gold meets wood

“Wood and gold permanently united as a piece of jewellery” – this artistic and technical challenge has been taken up by Axel Scheffel in recent years. It is a task that demanded a great deal from both the designers and the craftsmen. It was imperative to achieve a consistent and perfect shape while working with a material that grows organically. Scheffel developed a new technology that guarantees the outstanding quality of the jewellery for which Scheffel has been known for decades. 


Corian is a material with many attractive attributes. It has become an important material in architecture and the furniture industry but is also used in many other areas. The high mineral content makes Corian very stable, but it remains easy to work with.


With a mineral basis, Elforyn is a high-quality substitute for ivory. It is quite similar to the material Corian in its structure and characteristics but makes a completely different impression visually. “Elforyn has irresistible allure due to its incomparably soft and warm shimmer, which adapts to different skin tones and can be marvelously combined with other jewellery from the Scheffel collections.” The material is non-porous, acid-resistant, recyclable and thus perfectly suited for the production of jewellery.


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