CHANEL novelties 2024

The "Watches & Wonders" Geneva takes place from 09.04-15.04.2024. We give you an overview of the exciting new products from our brand partners.

The Première Cuff Watch & Sautoir-Belt Watch

This year sees a fresh interpretation of the iconic Première Édition Originale watch codes, unveiling two exclusive limited editions: the Première Cuff and the Première Sautoir-Belt. The limited edition Première Cuff watch boasts a steel chain bracelet coated in lustrous 18k yellow gold, intricately woven with a black leather strap and a steel triple-folding buckle also plated in 18K yellow gold. Meanwhile, the Première Sautoir-Belt shares a similar design, yet its structure bears a striking resemblance to that of a classic pocket watch.

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The J12 Caliber 12.1

Expanding upon the foundation laid by last year's J12 Caliber 12.1, Chanel's Watchmaking Creation Studio seamlessly integrates 18k yellow gold and diamonds into the new iteration. Encased in the timeless black and white ceramic, the bezel sparkles with the radiance of 50 brilliant-cut diamonds, complemented by an additional 12 diamonds adorning the dial. Through the sapphire crystal caseback, the circular oscillating weight, a hallmark of Chanel, is proudly displayed.

CHANEL Neuheit 2024
CHANEL Neuheit 2024

Chanel Couture O'Clock

Inspired by the legendary Rue Cambon couture workshops, the Chanel Couture O'Clock watch capsule collection presented during Watches & Wonders is a love letter to Gabrielle Chanel's heritage.

Here are a few pieces from this high limited collection

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The J12 Automaton Caliber 6
The centerpiece of the collection is the J12 Automaton Caliber 6. With a simple button press, the 355 components of this exceptional diamond-encrusted masterpiece come alive, bringing a miniature Mademoiselle Chanel to life in a breathtaking display.

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The J12 Couture, 33mm:
This 33mm J12 in white highly resistant ceramic features scissor-shaped hour and minute hands and a sewing-needle-shaped seconds hand. The watch is powered by a high precision quarz movement. 

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The Boy-Friend Couture:
The Boy-Friend watch features a charming depiction of a classic Chanel tweed jacket pattern, while its bezel is adorned with an 18-karat gold chain, a subtle nod to the chains traditionally sewn into the hems of these jackets.

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