Beyer and Wellendorff.

René Beyer has long cultivated a good friendship with Christoph Wellendorff, Head of the world-famous jewellery manufacturer, which like Beyer can look back on an extensive family tradition. Wellendorff’s jewellery pieces have been enthroned in Beyer’s showcases since 2003.

Wellendorff Rainbow


The exclusive jewellery of world-famous Wellendorff perfectly complements the Beyer range. The unique “silken cord” in 18-karat gold and the coloured, rotating enamel rings are two unmistakable trademarks of this traditional company hailing from southern Germany.

Like Beyer, Wellendorff can look back on a long family tradition. Production takes place exclusively in our own jewellery manufacture in Pforzheim. No item of jewellery leaves the house without a final inspection for quality. This quality is sealed by the trademark: a small pendant in the shape of a diamond-studded “W”.

Amulets and medallions

The many different ways in which our amulets can be worn and the addition of colourful, brilliant-cut-diamond-studded medallions to the Wellendorff cord enhance the lustre of your necklace.


Our Wellendorff cord includes 18-Karat gold that is as soft and smooth as silk – thanks to a technique developed by Hanspeter Wellendorff more than 43 years ago. This technique requires that the necklace is wound by hand from gossamer gold wire in many work steps. Light and supple like a wisp of silky fabric: The Wellendorff cord is the brand’s most famous piece of jewellery, fascinating through its apparent union of contrasts. The hard metal feels as soft as silk.

Men’s world

Dynamic and full of energy. The Wellendorff men’s collection in 18-karat gold captivates with its perfect craftsmanship coupled with sophisticated technology and attention to detail. The patented bracelet clasp and the Wellendorff rings’ characteristic ability to rotate are the result of unparalleled technical expertise and precision in the hundredth-of-a-millimetre range. Striking but also minimalistic in design, the Wellendorff men’s collection is distinctive and original.


Wellendorff earrings set themselves apart through their ability to be adapted to any style.


Our rings are characterised by the lustre and sheen of Wellendorff’s coloured cold enamel, which is applied between engraved patterns and ornaments on up to three levels. High-precision goldsmithery creates a special feature that the wearers of this jewellery love: the inner ring has a velvety-smooth feel when it is playfully turned.

Wedding rings

We have created extraordinary wedding rings that move freely and yet are connected forever, giving entry into the covenant of marriage very special significance and allowing true values to speak for themselves. The inner ring can be playfully rotated in a velvety smooth manner, with each turn being symbolic of a loving thought about the partner.


A smooth caress against the wrist: with as many facets as the wearer, the Wellendorff bracelets stand out for their understated elegance and glistening play of gold and diamonds.



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