Our Clock and Watch Museum

In one of the most important clock and watch collection, we present ancient and antique treasures to you and your family and tell the story of timekeeping from 1,400 BC to the present day. Experience the wondrous world of clocks and watches and the fascinating art of their manufacture in the heart of Zurich – in the basement of the shop on Bahnhofstrasse.


Special Exhibition "TRAVEL THROUGH TIME"

12 June - 20 October 2023

Time measurement and mobility have always been closely linked. In the early days, journeys were often unpredictable and arduous. It was particularly important that the fall of darkness did not take travellers by surprise or that they did not miss their onward connections when using a means of transport. Taking reliable time-measuring instruments with them increased safety and even allowed them to determine their location on sea voyages. In turn, the introduction of the railway played a key role in the creation of time zones.

The collection of the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum encompasses a large number of timepieces that were used for travelling. In this special exhibition, we present a selection spanning over 370 years and take you on a journey through time. There are also travel clocks and watches on display in our permanent exhibition. If you wish, you can continue your tour there. Further information on the timekeeping devices on display is available on the tablet or from our staff.

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum

Permanent exhibition

In addition to changing temporary special exhibitions, the more than 250 objects of our permanent exhibition invite you to go on a journey of discovery at any time: with exhibits ranging from the Egyptian water clock from around 1400 BC to the modern quartz watch, the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum provides a broad overview of the history of the art of clock- and watchmaking.

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Beyer Clock and Watch Museum

Special exhibitions and external collections

Take a trip back in time: browse our archive of past special exhibitions of the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum.

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Guided tours

Are you planning a visit to the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum with your department, club, travel group, school class or friends? Then please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment for a guided tour. For more information about a private guided tour in our Clock and Watch Museum, please click "More information".

On request, we can organise a wine reception for you in combination with a guided tour. We will pass these costs on to you according to actual expense. We would be pleased to prepare a quote for you. For an additional fee, we can arrange guided tours outside the normal opening hours.

Duration of the guided tour, around 60 minutes. Cost per group CHF 150 plus regular entrance fee.

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Virtual museum

Visit our museum virtually and discover the treasures of timekeeping.

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Beyer Clock and Watch Museum

Take time to do this.

A visit to our Clock and Watch Museum is worthwhile and an exciting outing for young and old. And it’s also quite easy to get there: The museum is located in the heart of Zurich, under the same roof as our Chronometrie on Bahnhofstrasse. A tram drops you off at the front door. What are you waiting for?

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