Beyer and Jaquet Droz.

Jaquet Droz’s watch creations were added to the Beyer line in 2006, making the brand the youngest in the Beyer product range – and this despite the fact that the traditional manufacturer has been in existence since 1738.

Jaquet Droz

Marked by elegance and travel

The history of Jaquet Droz, which was shaped by both travel and elegance, has determined the brand’s philosophy since its founding in 1738. The automatic clocks, pendulums and mechanically driven figures that could write a word on a piece of paper, for example, were world-famous and almost got their inventor burned at the stake for alleged witchcraft. The Swiss watch brand is part of the Swatch Group and proud of its “Ateliers d’Arts”: miniature paintings, sculptures and engravings, and in one case even the Paillonné technique, are manifested on some watch models.

Grande Seconde

Inspired by the pocket watches designed by Pierre Jaquet-Droz in 1784, this distinctive Jaquet Droz model engenders widespread enthusiasm thanks to its straightforward yet avant-garde design. 


As expected from Jaquet Droz, beauty and mechanical ingenuity go hand in hand. These examples of haute horlogerie mark the beginning of a new sphere of activity for the brand: movement of the watch mechanism in the third dimension. 

Petite Heure Minute

The dials of the Petite Heure Minute collection, which feature a variety of materials, minerals, complications and ornaments, offer generous scope for creativity. Such creativity is marked by the savoir-faire and expertise of the artisans of Jaquet Droz.

Lady 8

The Lady 8 captivates with its haute joaillerie models, whose luscious curves will particularly delight women who have a feel for the sensuality of time. Through its play with minerals and gemstones, the Lady 8 reveals an infinite number of options for variation.


As a sporty interpretation of the legendary model, the SW breaks new ground, with a design that plays with the subtle combination of athleticism and modernity in its design.

Ateliers d’Art

In the eighteenth century, the Jaquet Droz family set completely new standards in the area of high-quality luxury ornaments. Entire generations of artisans were involved in the manufacture of these products.


The Astrale collection pays homage to Pierre Jaquet-Droz, who once created timepieces of breathtaking complexity and fascinating elegance.


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