Bienvenue, Coco!

Elegant, self-confi dent, feminine – and utterly sophisticated: the Chanel watch models bring Parisian fl air to Beyer Chronometrie.

She not only revolutionised fashion, but an entire society:
Coco Chanel (born Gabrielle Chasnel in 1883) was a pioneer of a new, free women’s fashion with calf-length skirts and wide-cut trousers, a loosely belted top and a short haircut for the self-confident, modern woman. Among other things, she invented the “little black dress”, the legendary Chanel suit with the tweed jacket – and Chanel No. 5, which for a long time was the world’s best-selling perfume.

The fact that the Parisian fashion house rubs shoulders with the world’s best watchmakers is due not least to its Swiss manufacturer, G&F Châtelain in La Chauxde- Fonds. Initially responsible ‘only’ for the exterior of the watches, it now has a watchmaker’s workshop as well as ceramics production, a setting workshop and a development department where the complicated watches are created. In the neighbouring town of Le Locle, Chanel has a stake in the Kenissi company, which produces the movements for Tudor as well as those for the famous “J12” collection.

Chanel Uhr Premier Kollektion


It was 1987 when Chanel presented a watch for the first time and christened it quite aptly: “Première". The fashion world rejoiced, because the model quoted big Chanel Codes on the smallest of spaces: a case reminiscent of the bottle stopper of what is probably the most famous perfume in the world – Chanel No. 5. And a leather-embellished watchstrap that is a variation on the chain of the Chanel classic flap bag. Since then, the Première has evolved from year to year, becoming sometimes more playful, sometimes more functional, but always remaining a very special, timelessly feminine piece of jewellery.

In 2000, Chanel launched a completely different watch that was likewise destined to become an icon: the sporty “J12” in shimmering black ceramic was a technical revolution. Something so self-confident and yet utterly feminine was new to the world of watches.

Three years later, Chanel followed it up with an all-white model and repeated the success. Highest precision, state-of-the-art technology, extremely hard-wearing and graphically unique: the “J12” models speak such a unique language that they have not only become a reference for the world-famous brand, but also unmistakable icons of watch history.

It will be interesting to see what path Chanel takes with its watches. One thing’s for certain: it will be special. With its latest collection, “Code Coco", the Parisian maison proves that the wheel has not yet been fully invented and that it is possible to rethink watches – if you have such profound expertise and such outstanding taste.

Coco Chanel
In 1912, Coco Chanel (right) opened her first boutique in Deauville. Watches were only added to the range in 1987.

Hanspeter Pieth


Beyer CEO Hanspeter Pieth on the latest addition, Chanel

Warum hat Beyer das Sortiment um Chanel-Uhren erweitert?
In unserem Premium-Angebot fehlte eine typische Damenmarke, ein eleganter Klassiker, der technisch mit den Besten mithalten kann und von der Ausstrahlung unerreicht feminin ist. Ausserdem passt Chanel als Familienunternehmen perfekt zur Beyer Chronometrie.

Was macht Chanel für Sie aus?
Das Bestreben, in allen Bereichen neben bester Qualität auch eine ikonenhafte Unverwechselbarkeit an den Tag zu legen. Das gilt nicht nur für Fashion, sondern in besonderem Mass für die Uhren. Gerade heute, wo sich die Designs vieler Uhrenmarken angleichen, überzeugt Chanel mit einer Attitude, wie es eben nur Chanel kann.

Was imponiert Ihnen an der Chanel Horlogerie am meisten?
as enorme Entwicklungspotenzial! Chanel besitzt nicht nur viel Innovationskraft, sondern mit der G&F Châtelain eine eigene Manufaktur, die auch anspruchsvollste Ideen umsetzen kann. Da ist alles möglich. Am meisten aber imponiert mir die authentische und glaubwürdige Geschichte von Chanel, die weit über die stilvollen Produkte hinausgeht – und diese gerade deshalb mit so starken Werten auflädt.