What a Stone!

Katrina and Yves Diserens spent years searching for a tanzanite that would touch their hearts. A visit to Beyer changed everything.

Sometimes in life, all it takes is a little attentiveness to bring about great things. Like the day last December when Katrina and Yves Diserens paid a visit to Beyer. They casually mentioned their first trip to London as a couple freshly in love in 2019. “Standing in front of a jeweller’s shop window, we were mesmerised by a blueish- violet tanzanite with an almost mystical glow,” Katrina Diserens recalls. But the item of jewellery it was part of was not the right one. Nevertheless, that shared moment marked the beginning of their search for the perfect tanzanite. Which turned out not to be quite so easy. “I often didn’t like the jewellery, or the stones were too small or too ordinary,” says Katrina Diserens.


At Beyer, they had really listened. The sales staff mentioned the couple to Željko Gregurek, the manager of the jewellery studio, and things took their course. “I passed on their request to an artist I know who has his own unique way of cutting stones that brings out the soul of the stone in a marvellous way. The cut reduces the sparkle, leaving the stones to reveal their inner depths.” A bouquet was put together in the studio, then a phonecall was made to Katrina Diserens.

Herstellung Schmuck

No doubt she was surprised by the unexpected call. Above all, though, she was curious about what would await her. But she never thought she would be so overwhelmed. “These stones were simply in a league of their own, the most beautiful we’d ever seen, and perfect for us with their size of between 15 and 30 carats,” says Katrina Diserens. But that was not all. Until then, she and her husband had never considered the option of having jewellery designed to their own wishes. Željko Gregurek’s initiative set the ball rolling. “The trust was there from the word go,” says Katrina Diserens. This was followed by the formulation of ideas and dreams and some preliminary hand-drawn sketches from the studio. The timing was ambitious: the jewellers had three months to complete the jewellery for a family wedding. But, as it soon became clear, they were all surfing on the same wave. “On a personal level, it just felt right,” says Željko Gregurek.

It was clear from the outset that the tanzanites would become a necklace. But as life goes, Katrina Diserens fell in love with two smaller drop-cut stones. The planned necklace was spontaneously joined by a pair of earrings. In a second round, the perfectly matching tanzanite in a cushion cut was selected for the necklace. And there was also swift agreement on the question of materials: red gold would embrace the precious stone. “It’s elegant, warm and perfectly matches Mrs Diserens’ skin tone,” says Gregurek.

The design of the individual elements was further refined. It was important to Katrina Diserens that the tanzanites could really come into their own in the jewellery. She wanted the setting to merely “accompany the gemstones and support their shape”. In creative exchange, Željko Gregurek and his team designed extremely fine settings that were reduced to a minimum. If you look closely, you will see fine floral and heart-shaped elements in an oriental style – another wish of Katrina Diserens, whose passion for jewellery was awakened as a child when her father brought her precious objects back from his travels.

Schmuckzeichnung Tansanit





Step by step, the jewellery atelier created unique pieces that are unparalleled in their elegance and impact. The jewellery gets its vibrant character from a virtuoso combination of polished and matt elements. Željko Gregurek and his team also came up with something very special for the earrings: the lower part with the tanzanite can be released by opening the base of the earring and lifting out the stone complete with its setting. This technical refinement was included to make the jewellery suitable for day-to-day wear, as requested by Katrina Diserens, who didn’t want the jewellery to have to spend its life in a safe.

Husband Yves Diserens was also involved in the development process from the outset and was particularly enthusiastic about the construction-related topics. As an engineer, precision down to the smallest detail is important to him. He is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “The team has created a masterpiece; not many can produce something like this. Such attention to detail, such uncompromising precision: that’s an impressive speciality of Željko Gregurek and his team.”


In order to complete the jewellery on time, people worked overtime, holidays were postponed, and everyone went the proverbial ‘extra mile’. The moment when the jewellery was presented was all the more moving. Katrina Diserens was in tears as soon as she saw it: “I associate so many emotions with this jewellery,” she says. “It will forever remind me of how we met, the time after we’d fallen in love, and London. Wearing it will always be something very special.” Željko Gregurek was also touched: “We are privileged to surround ourselves with lots of beautiful things, deal with exciting people and live out our passion. But when we see how happy the person is who will wear our work, that’s a moment you want to cherish forever.”

Tansanit Ohrring
Two pieces of jewellery in one: the tanzanite is detachable with its setting.