Back from their travels

In 2021, our Clock and Watch Museum will be 50! Just in time for the anniversary, important exhibits have returned from their various guest appearances around the world.

The extremely rare beauties from our Clock and Watch Museum are always travelling – to an important exhibition in Moscow, to the world exhibition in China or, as was recently the case for the large Singing Bird Cage and the iron clock with glockenspiel, to the Prada Foundation in Venice.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum in March 2021, the loans are all back “at home” to delight visitors in the basement of Bahnhofstrasse 31 – surrounded by 250 other objects that make our museum one of the most important public watch and clock collections in the world.

If, after the anniversary year, any of our exhibits is sent out into the world again for a guest appearance, details will be revealed on our website where you can also learn interesting facts about our permanent exhibition, special exhibitions and our annual new acquisitions:


Beyer Chronometrie