Beyer Talk with the Laederach Brothers- «"We don't want to be the first. We want to be the best in terms of quality."

The Läderach brothers are experts of the chocolate industry. While Elias, as chocolatier world champion, knows the product inside out and constantly creates new treats, Johannes has an eye for the business and the future of the company as CEO of Läderach. They complement each other perfectly and thus lay the foundation for exceptional delight.

In the Beyer Talk with René Beyer, Elias and Johannes discuss new creations like the new vegan chocolate and explain their drive for perfection. "When it comes to new products, we don't necessarily want to be the first on the market. But we want to offer the highest quality product. To do that, we always want to know where the raw materials come from and make sure that not only consumers but also producers are satisfied with our work." You can definitely taste this love for the product at Läderach.

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