«Beyer Talk - Munichwirstbusters» «For the price of a fake watch, you can get a beautiful original.»

On a crusade against fakes: Leon Schelske and Robin Haas from Munich out famous owners of counterfeit watches on their Instagram profile “Munichwristbusters”. Together with René Beyer, they talk about which celebrities were spotted with replicas, how they got the idea to start their Instagram journey and more.

At the young age of 20 and 21 years, the Munichwristbusters made it their mission to expose fake watches and their owners. Their goal: Bringing the authenticity back to social media platforms. After two years, the two young Germans are proud owners of their own company and an Instagram account with over 244’000  followers.

In the duo’s opinion there is no good reason to buy a fake watch. There are beautiful original models for every budget. Our expert René Beyer, who stepped out of his comfort zone for this specific talk, couldn’t agree more.

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