“I consider the watch as architecture for the wrist”

Dieter Meier is many things: musician, artist, director, winegrower, restaurant owner, cattle breeder and more. So we’re all the more pleased to add another label to this impressive list: guest of Beyer Talk!

Not many people in Switzerland enjoy such a diverse – and successful – career as Zurich’s Dieter Meier. There’s probably no-one that hasn’t come across his name at some point. But what very few people know: Dieter Meier has also been involved in the watch industry. He held a share in Ulysse Nardin for 30 years and spoke regularly with Rolf Schnyder and Ludwig Oechslin. His latest adventure, however, is not in watches, but in another showpiece of the Swiss export economy: chocolate.

Dieter Meier talks to René Beyer about cocoa beans, philosophers in the watch industry and of course music. And as an added treat: there’s even a poem!

Sit back and enjoy their fascinating discussion here:

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