The first Beyer NFT Drop - limited to 100 pieces

Now purchasable as collectible NFTs, the unique horological designs of the time warp collection were created in collaboration with renowned designers and FTSY 8 fictional studio. In the initial release, a selection of 100 pieces will be available for sale. Beyer customers can apply now for one of the exclusive spots on the whitelist.


It only took 7 minutes to sell the first 100 NFT’s of the Genesis drop!
The public drop is expected to take place at the end of June. Info to follow here.


The Beyer time warp collection

The time warp collection strives to combine tradition and the highest level of craftsmanship with the new world of the metaverse. Created by designers from various backgrounds, it’s a collectible fusion of traditional watchmaking and the aesthetics of technology, gaming and fashion. Unique designs, impossible to recreate in real life, were developed thanks to the nearly endless possibilities of virtual spaces. The watch models take inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, as well as timeless elements of the watch industry. Creating a variety in which every watch enthusiast will find their favorite.

Genesis drop - limited to 100 pieces

In the first release, dubbed the Genesis drop, a selection of 10 models of the time warp collection will be available for purchase as 100 exclusive NFTs in different rarities. Only available to whitelist members. Beyer customers have the chance to receive one of the sought-after spots on the list by visiting whitelist (ATTENTION, WHITELIST ALREADY FULL AND CLOSED, 29.04.22). Starting April 30., whitelist members will be able to purchase NFTs for CHF 450.- per piece.

More information for the Time Wrap Collection Drop (Public Drop) will follow shortly.

How to purchase an NFT of the Genesis drop:

Fill out the form at (ATTENTION, WHITELIST ALREADY FULL AND CLOSED, 29.04.22) to have a chance of receiving a spot on the whitelist. You will be notified by email if you’ve been selected and receive further information on the buying process. The whitelist spot entitles you to purchase a mystery watchbox. These can be opened after the purchase and will reveal which of the 10 models you received. Payment options consist of credit card and the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

About the world of virtual watches

An NFT or „non-fungible token“ is a digital certificate of ownership secured by the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is stored on this unchangeable decentralized database. An NFT can be almost any type of digital data: a video, photo, audio file or a document. The technology ensures the ownership of the object is fraud resistant and secure. It’s not clear yet, what role NFTs will play in this new exciting world of the metaverse. Nevertheless, this new technology opens countless possibilities for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

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