Time Warp Collection - the first Beyer NFT Collection

The world’s oldest watch retailer, Beyer Chronometrie AG in Zurich is announcing its first NFT collection. 262 years after the company’s inception, it is stepping into uncharted territory once more.

René Beyer NFT

“Just because we may have invented the watch business doesn’t mean we’re willing to stop there.”
René Beyer

We are thrilled to announce an exciting project: the time warp collection, a set of unique NFT watches. Created by a team of experienced designers, it strives to combine tradition and craftsmanship with the new world of the metaverse. «We are excited about the launch of our newest project and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback», says Philippe Meyer, head of marketing at Beyer.

The design team

The collection was created by designers from various industries. One of them is Simon Husslein, who designed watches for brands like Nomos Glashütte, Ventura or Braun. In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious red dot design award in the category “watch of the year” for his work on the model “Minimatik”. Niklaus Hodel has been working with the fashion elite at Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and recently Maison Margiela. Other team members have backgrounds in 3d art, gaming or advertising. 

Beyer is being supported by FTSY8, a fictional studio responsible for the collaboration with the creative team and the project’s realization. 

Collection sneak peek

Beyer NFT


The time warp collection consists of several unique models. One of them is dubbed Allevio. Sporting a classic look on one hand, it pays tribute to the beauty of mechanical movements by utilizing the possibilities of virtual design to let the individual parts float.


The Continuum consists of one single line and has been designed only using a virtual reality headset. It was inspired by the way silk moths spin their cocoons.

Beyer NFT
Beyer NFT

Koi Master

Another model drawing inspiration from nature is the Koi Master. Carp fish are associated with luck in Japan and China and, according to legends, turn into dragons if they manage to swim up a waterfall.


Of course, the collection features models with a more traditional design as well: Meet the Solarograph. 

Beyer NFT

The world of NFT watches should be open for watch enthusiasts of any kind.
The complete collection will be revealed soon.
More information on our website and at beyer-ftsy8.com.

What is an NFT?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. “Non-fungible” describes something that’s truly unique and can’t be replaced. Therefore, NFTs can serve as definitive certificates of ownership for digital objects.

Most NFTs are currently related to virtual art, avatars, and collectibles. Within the last two years, the technology has seen exponential growth in popularity and cultural impact. International brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, or Dolce & Gabbana have successfully launched NFT projects.

The metaverse is a term for virtual rooms created with virtual or augmented reality with the goals of enabling people to interact, work or create together. For Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is the next evolution of the internet. 

Can Beyer NFT watches be bought?

The virtual watches will of course be available for purchase. A detailed description of how and where to buy them will follow soon. 

Beyer Chronometrie